New Establish School for Step Up Academy

Located at Ajax, Ontario

Ajax Newly Established School

Watch your child as they grow into a purposeful individual in the near future. Step Up Academy of Learning is a pioneering and advanced tutorial center which shapes the holistic development of your child not only in terms of their educational foundation but as well as nurturing their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Their environment is conducive to learning that even though they are inside or outside the classroom, they are provided assistance and support that makes all courses easy and comprehensive.

Mold Your Child to Maximum Potential

Step Up Academy of Learning started out as an organization that aims to bring forth knowledge they use in their classrooms and employs them to their tutoring students outside the classroom. They have certified and proficient Ontario Teachers who know by heart the requirements of the curriculum and the school in general. They mold their students into becoming successful and well-educated professionals in the future through personalized and one on one mentorship. Their teachers only offer optimal customer service and are committed to establishing a firm and genuine relationship with their clients.

Acquire Social Intelligence

The primary focus of Step Up Academy is to equip students to reach their full potential that will enable them to build up their self-esteem. They do not only focus on the enhancement of their students but they also let their parents get involved through communicating with them regularly. At an affordable and competitive cost, you can discover an engaging platform that will change the way your children learn and acquire skills.

Good Learning Environment for Children

Step Up Academy continues to impart a cultivated and pleasant learning environment for the children in their new location at 201-11 Harwood Ave. South Ajax, Toronto. If you wish to see your children grow and pave their way to a promising future, inquire now and contact Step Up Academy of Learning at 416-879-1987 or email them at Your children’s success is their triumph. Together, they will help your children become tomorrow’s leaders.