Give your child an early start in life.

Welcome to Step Up Academy. Discover an engaging platform that will change the way children learn and acquire skills. Our fun-filled and comfortable learning environment makes Math easy, English fun and Science simple for all children from Grades 1 to 12.

Step Up Academy offers tutoring services, well-complemented by one-on-one support, with expert advice, mentorship, guidance at every step.

Our staff consists of real Ontario Teachers who know what the curriculum and schools require and we prepare our students for their future. Our passionate teachers focus on relationship building and aim to provide immaculate customer service.

We are committed to provide engaging learning resources for Grades 1 to 12 that:

  • Empower students with confidence and enable them to reach their full potential
  • Support parents with flexible, inexpensive, personalized coaching
  • Enable teachers and schools to enhance academic achievement levels

Why Step Up Academy

Step Up Academy offers a conducive, encouraging, comfortable environment for children to step up their
learning and achieve success. Our students progress within the Ontario Curriculum with
adequate help with their homework and assignments.

Building Skills and Confidence

As students begin at every stage, they master critical skills and advance to the next level.


Depth of Content

Step Up's teachers are well informed on the Ontario curriculum and use material and resources that will allow our students to get ahead.


Measurable Outcomes

Starting with diagnostic testing to formative assessment and parent-teacher communication, we monitor the success and development of our students every step on the way.


Individualized Support

With our Individualized Tutoring Plans, we promise that every class your child attends will be individually planned and prepared. Every student is different and we plan based on their needs and progress.

Nurturing minds. Moulding lives.

  • Individualized Attention and Tutoring Plans.
  • Helping each child to get ahead and cover the upcoming curriculum.
  • Regular communication with parents.
  • Homework and progress tracked throughout the year.

Our Academy Tutors

Jacob Woldegabriel

Senior Math & Science Teacher

Tharsika Manokumar

Senior Science Teacher

Jelena Belenzada

Senior Math & Science Teacher

Kerthiga Manokumar

Director & Senior English Teacher

Alicia Panchal

Math, Science & English Teacher

Ivan Johnson

Math, Science & English Teacher

Michelle Yeboah

English Teacher

Zarina Farhangyar

Math, Science and English Teacher

What they say

  • " For many parents, Step Up Academy offers a better, more affordable alternative to hiring an expensive tutor for maths and other subjects.

    Maria Demacopolous, YRDSB

  • " I never knew learning math could be so much fun.

    Sachin Premnath, Student

  • " Now it's easier for my son to learn on his own and I can easily monitor his progress as he finishes each lesson.

    Pamini Vithiyaparan, Parent